Spring Sports Snubbed by Snow


After several weeks of being surrounded by snow, that granted us more snow days than we could have ever hoped for, is finally beginning to melt. For those participating in spring sports, however, the snow meant more than just an excuse to miss school. It became a surprisingly oppressive obstacle for everyone in baseball, softball, soccer, golf, and track.

According to Kris Scheuerman, baseball coach, the major issue that has caused worry is the inability of the outfielders to practice catching fly balls. All of their drills except for this one can be replicated indoors. Coincidentally, all of the other teams are also suffering, which keeps the competition even. Another problem is the conflicts that arise from sharing facilities. Every spring sport wants free use of the gym and the weight room, which has caused crowding and disgruntlement from the players. Sam Ricketts, senior, speculates that they will not be able to practice outdoors until after spring break, which is when their first game is.

Baseball isn’t the only sport that has endured hardship. Track has also had its fair share of problems. The long distance runners, who usually have countless options of routes to run, have had only one path that is clear enough to run on. When they weren’t on this path, they had to run inside, which, according to Tyler Shuck, is harmful to your joints. Also, the non-distance track athletes had to warm up on the Antioch Lot, as the track was covered with snow.

Other sports have encountered similar problems. The golf team hasn’t even started practices yet, even though they were scheduled to have try-outs all of last week. This has set them inconveniently behind. The softball team and the soccer team are also suffering from the same difficulties that the all the other teams have encountered.

Although many of you may have seen the snow in a fairly positive light, there are those who have deemed it a nightmare. Fortunately, as the snow melts away, so do the problems it has brought.