How to Study for a Test



Unless you’re a secret genius, or simply too cool, everything from a small quiz to a massive final requires at least some level of studying.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to find the best way to study. The truth is, we all retain our optimal level of learning from different methods. It may take some trial and error to find the way you learn best. This article lists some possible solutions to the ever-present problem of test preparation and is based in part from several internet sources. First, however, you should consider some of the following techniques that do not involve studying that will help you considerably.

The most important way of studying for a test is to study before an upcoming test is even announced. Paying attention in class and taking good notes are essential to understanding the topic. You should also do all homework assignments to make sure that you know what will be on the test. You also may need to discuss the test with the teacher beforehand to make sure you are studying the right material. This is the best way to assure a good grade on the test.

A common practice of many students that will almost always lead to a lower score is cramming the night before the test. Instead of one massive chunk of studying, it is smart to perform several small study sessions every day leading up to the test. Also make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. In addition to this, you should eat a good breakfast the day of the test. Avoid foods that will make the human body run out of energy faster, like candy. Food items like oatmeal and eggs are a better choice, because they are capable of sustaining energy in the body for a longer period of time. All of these things are essential for a good test score.

After you mull over these things, you are ready to tackle the sometimes overwhelming tasks of studying. There are countless ways you can do this. Some of the more useful techniques are listed below.


1. Generate a schedule for how much studying you wish to get done in the days before the test.
2. Create a review sheet for the upcoming test. This will help organize thoughts and make it easier to study.
3. Make several mock tests to complete without looking at your notes.
4. Construct study note cards made out of the notes from class that are easy to flip through and study.
5. SQ3R

  • Survey: scan notes and/or book for important information
  • Question: Make practice questions, but do not write the answers
  • Read: read notes and/or book thoroughly
  • Recite: answer the questions you have already written down
  • Review: review all of the previous steps until it is very familiar

6. Make important information into a memorable song or acronym.
7. Quiz yourself in your head whenever there is a chance to.
8. Don’t procrastinate or over-study. Both of these things can lead to poor test scores.
9. Chew gum during the test to help create more alertness and focus.


Many of these things have been proven again and again to be very helpful to countless students. I hope that at least some of these things will help you see tests as being just a little bit more possible.