Harlem Shake


The new craze that is sweeping the nation is called the “Harlem Shake”. Here are some unofficial rules and dance moves to make your own version of the “Harlem Shake” video. It’s a viral craze that is sweeping throughout the Internet for the past couple of weeks:

1. There are no official rules and dance moves.

2. Get some form of headgear: a motorcycle helmet, a mask, a catcher’s mask, whatever’s on hand to hide the identity of the solo dancer for the first 15 seconds.

3. Cue “Harlem Shake,” the electronic production of DJ Baauer, and have the one masked dancer in front dancing on his/ her own for 15 seconds until the song says “Do the Harlem Shake.” If you choose to have other people in the video, make sure they are doing nothing important and act as if nothing is happening, or about to happen.

4. Have a quick video cut when the bass line kicks in, and bring in all your friends. Then go absolutely nuts! For about 20 seconds, have everybody go all out without the fear of breaking anything: push, punch, kick people or do whatever it takes to make an epic thirty second video. Put on costumes, masks, and use props. (Just anything that is random and can make this video better than the rest.)

5. Now upload it to YouTube if you want, and be part of something so viral, and show your friends, show your mom, shows your friend’s mom, show your dog. Just tell everyone about it and see if they make their own.

The craze is so hot, the “Today Show” did their own version of it, along with other big name shows.
Here’s our convergent media version of the “Harlem Shake.”