Interview With a To-Be College Athlete

For many, making the cut for the varsity sports team at the high school level is a huge achievement. For senior, Brittney Railsback, however, high school is just the start. The amazing part is that Railsback has never even rowed, yet she has attracted enough attention to be a college recruit! Keep reading for some Q & A’s about Railsback and the recruiting process.

Question: Have you committed to anywhere yet?
Brittney: I have committed to KU… I love the school and I’ve always wanted to go there.

Question: What were your other top choices?
Brittney: I was considering Emporia for a track scholarship, but I decided on rowing instead.

Question: What is the recruiting process like?
Brittney: Well, you get an official visit, which is really cool, I got to meet the team as well as the coaches, and they even pay for all of your food, which is cool.

Question: How do you feel rowing has impacted your high school experience?
Brittney: I’ve never done it, but I thought it sounded interesting, I also thought that track wasn’t really in my future.

Question: Who will be your coach at KU?
Brittney: His name is Coach Rob, he is the main coach at least. He seemed really nice and relaxed.