Flu Philosophy

This year the flu has taken its toll.

“I was sick for three or four days,” junior Collin Krabbe said about having the flu.

About 90 percent of deaths in those 65 and older are related to the flu (CDC). Those who are younger are also more susceptible. These demographics are at risk more than most because they have weakened immune systems. School children are at a great risk because influenza is very contagious. If your child is showing symptoms of the flu, keep them home.  Its better to miss one day, than a week.

Many people are skeptical of the flu shot, recent statistics have supported this idea. You can not contract the flu by getting the vaccine. When H1N1 (Swine flu) hit the scene the number of vaccines greatly increased.  H1N1 was a widespread pandemic affecting 74 countries around the world. The H1N1 virus vaccine is now included in the yearly influenza vaccine.

To protect yourself against the flu the CDC recommends getting vaccinated. They also suggest using proper coughing etiquette, COVER YOUR MOUTH, and washing your hands regularly.

By Paige Foster and Amy Hess