First Semester Finals Review

For many students, finals are a time of stress and an excuse to stay up late. This year, it is no exception. I, for one, had been dreading the infamous Chemistry final that the one and only Jeff Onnen has been torturing students with for years. Along with Onnen, other teachers are known for their stress raising finals such as, Ms. Dercher with her Senior classes English final.

Study habits are a crucial part of surviving a week of semester finals. Many students get fatigued as they reach their last few finals. To stay on top of things and not get overwhelmed between finals, begin studying for finals that are later on in the week.

Just to help students in preparation for their finals this year, we unfortunately had a snow day to delay our 6th and 7th block finals. Majority of students did not enjoy coming back after two weeks of Christmas break and taking two finals. In the past, returning from winter break and taking finals was a regular.