Annual Canned Food Drive

Students all across Shawnee Mission come together during these times to raise money, canned goods, and other items to donate to families in need.

The Canned Food Drive went on from October 29 – November 16 this year, collecting from both the school and the community.

Every year, West finds fun ways to raise money and collect cans. This year, the school alone had raised 167 dollars through “class wars”, which goes on the last week of the drive (November 12-16). The concept of class wars is that there are four barrels, one for each grade (Freshman – Senior) ¬†and the class president who receives the highest donation, gets to pie the class president with the lowest amount of money raised in an upcoming pep assembly.

With the help of the community we had raised about 1,700 cans and close behind we raised the same amount through students and staff at school.

We also had “First Block Wars”. How that worked was the class with the most amount of cans collected during the drive, received a “front of the lunch line” pass. The way this worked was at the end of every day, Student Council would go around to see how much of everything was brought to each class. There were certain items that were “double points”, such as, peanut butter, diapers, apple sauce, etc. Those helped bump some classes up on the point scale to get them ahead of the game because cans were not the only way to win.

Overall, every year the can drive is successful. Some years more than others, but the goal is to help out families living in our area and that goal is reached every year.