Driving in Style

For many high school students’ these days, a car is a symbol of freedom and liberation. For the most part simple, inexpensive, fuel efficient cars rule the parking lots of SMW. Hiding between the parking spots, however, are some very unique vehicles. A few SMW students agreed to share the stories of their special rides.

Andrew Berkley, Junior, was very enthusiastic about the story behind his car. At first glance, his 1999 Ford Explorer may look like nothing too out of the ordinary, until one recognizes all of the bells and whistles that have been added.

Tyler Shuck, Senior, drives to school every morning in a bright red, 1997 Chevrolet Camaro. As many people would expect, Tyler’s Camaro is one of a kind in the school parking lot. He was glad to share his story with us.

A lot of people have many different reasons for why they enjoy driving their cars.

“ My favorite part about having a Camaro is the feeling you get when you’re in the car. It sits low and is very relaxing to drive,” Shuck said.

A car for some people is just like another member of the family. Naming a car can be a fun way to make a person’s car all their own.

“ My car’s name is Beth. There’s really no particular reason for the name, I just thought it fit.” Shuck said.

For many people, adding accessories and modifying is a way for them to personalize their vehicle to make it their own.

“The only accessories that I’ve added are blind spot mirrors because I want to keep the car the same as when it was made. After about 10 more years, the car will be considered a classic and will be worth more money if nothing is modified,” Shuck said.

Berkley, on the other hand, feels differently on adding accessories to your car. He has a few which really make his vehicle stand out from the rest.

“I like adding accessories because that way I can personalize it, and make it something that no one else has,” Berkley said.

Some of the additions he and his brother, Aaron Berkley, have added are new speakers, subwoofers, new lights, a new dashboard unit, and a funky horn that, when used, is bound to grab your attention.

“I am also planning on adding two more subs,” Berkley said in response to being asked what accessories he would like to add.
It is no secret that these two car loving SMW students have been blessed with some especially unique vehicles. As for any automobile enthusiast, preferences vary, and two different styles definitely suit both Shuck and Berkley regarding their cars. In the end, though, they both are clearly enjoying their cool rides, which is what really counts.