Night of the Living Dead

Review of “Night of the Living Dead”
Hannah Figgins
Tyler Shuck

The production of “Night of the Living Dead” is based on the film by George Romero and John Russo, and adapted for the stage setting by Lori Allen Ohm. This action-packed thriller emphasises the fact that the nation is crawling with the un-dead. Zombies roam the aisles, and  stage, pounding and scratching at doors and windows.

Parker Vowels, Makaela Terance, Garret Viets, Seth Martin, Tiffani Lawrence, Libby Flood, and Anna Rose Feldman play the roles of frightened strangers, trapped in an abandoned house at dusk. The zombies are attacking by the dozens and chaos ensues as the stranded citizens are left with no choice but to face the deadly creatures.

As the plot becomes even more hectic, the authorities arrive on the scene supposedly to provide refuge, when suddenly an insane plot twist boggles your mind. You must go to the Friday, or Saturday night showings at 7:00 p.m. to reveal the gory ending!