How to survive cold weather changes

With the time of the year the seasons are changing, along with all the other crazy weather associated with Kansas, sometimes you can be caught off guard in the morning when picking out something to wear. Well I am here to help you, and your problem is easily fixable when you take the right precautions.

  • BRING EXTRA CLOTHES! This is the number one rule because it works with every situation. If it’s too cold, bring a sweatshirt or sweatpants. If it’s raining, bringing an extra pair of clothes could save the day. This also includes gloves, hats, scarves, or any other stylish accessory of your choice.
  • WARM UP YOUR CAR! This could be crucial in your arrival on time to school or not, because I know how you all are such dare-devils and like to arrive to class on the last possible second.
  • ICE SCRAPERS! It never hurts to have an ice scraper either in your backpack or in your car. I once heard about a girl that had to scrape the ice off her windshield with her ID card; don’t be that girl.
  • SHOES! If you’re wearing open toed shoes during this time, you might have a whole other problem that I as a SMW journalism student, am not qualified to help you with. Multiple socks may be something to look into as a future option in warm wear.
  • WEAR SOMETHING TIGHT! This is key in helping your body heat reach maximum comfort level and the tight fitting clothes will keep the warm in, and the scare the cold away.
  • FOOD AND BEVERAGES! Iced coffee isn’t always the answer on the way to school. It may be time for you to switch up your beverage and food choice to something warm and welcoming to wake you up for a glorious day in the ill-tempered weather.

By: Joel Spiller and Abby Holliman