Fourth Annual Safe Trick-or-Treat

Spooky ghosts and creepy crawly spiders, these are things you will come across as FCCLA hosts their third annual “Safe Trick-or-Treat” on October 18, 2012.

“One of the catch phrases of FCCLA is Extreme Leadership. Leadership, community service and team work which makes us one of the only student organizations that not only focuses on the community but on the family as well” Jennifer Choquette, FCCLA sponsor, said.

So, what exactly is “Safe Trick-or-Treat”?

“This is a community service project that FCCLA started a couple of years ago,” Choquette, said “one of our objectives this year is service local and so we’re helping the community by helping a safe trick or treating environment for kids as well as collecting canned foods for local food banks”

How did it exactly begin?

“Our original purpose for starting this was so we could raise a lot of canned donations from people in our community so that we not only had an event for kids to come and have fun at but so that we could also help people in our community,” senior and member of FCCLA, Jamie Hay, said “That’s why at the entrance at the event we do have places to collect cans so that we could help everyone else out. It’s not just for the people in our school, its our community.”

Community service is a big part of this group but everyone is sure to make helping out a fun time.

“Well, this is only the third year we’ve done this. The first year we did it, it came about as just an idea and it grew into something bigger  than we thought it would, so every year more and more people have started coming and we’ve had more organizations join. It has gotten so big this year that we’ve moved some things to the cafeteria” senior and member of FCCLA, Megan Matthews said.

FCCLA isn’t the only group focusing in on this event. Groups from Student Council to the Cheer and Dance team join in on the event.

“This is a safe place for kids to have fun and get a lot of candy” sophomore, Jack Snyder, said.

Providing a safe environment is only part of it, this event hosts many games and prizes for the kids as well.

“I feel this is a great way to provide fun for kids in the community” junior, Jonathan Shipp, said.

Safe Trick-or-Treat gives the community an insight at what the students at their local high school have been doing to help everyone out.

“I think it’s a great way for us to provide a safe place for kids in our neighborhood  to come and that part is very good but what I also like is that is allows the neighborhood to come see what West High School is all about and what our teenagers are all about, nothing but positive” Principle, Dr. Charles McClean, said.

The organizations get to dress up in costumes from Snow White to Ninjas to join along with the kids.

“It was really fun to organize this for Student Council,” senior, Kathryn Martin, said “this is a leadership group so being in charge was pretty easy. People were really willing to help and everyone was excited to dress up and play these games.”