Hulu vs. Netflix


+With Hulu plus you get one week free
+Students with a .edu email get a one month free trial (7.99 mo.)
+Plus is available on Android, iPhone, iTouch and iPad
+/–Watch every episode of the shows but with regular only the first or first two seasons
+Watch trailers, see what movies are coming out soon, and watch film clips
+Will recommend shows or movies based on past views
+Live streams of things like presidential addresses (in case you missed it for government class)
+Email updates for new episode of shows subscribed to
+Expiration alerts
+Tailor playlists and Queues
+Ad tailor so you don’t keep seeing ads that don’t cater to your needs or interests
+Fun/random movies & documentaries (many about music)
+If not sure what to watch, there is a “What’s Popular” column to get started
–Quality not always the best- sometimes fuzzy. It’s mostly good though
–Regular only play on the computer
–Only get select movies people upload
–Since regular free ads come up a lot, sometimes lets you watch two minutes and then watch ad free


+One month free trial
+Stream on Wii, PS3, Xbox360 to watch on TV, internet connected Blu-Ray and Tivo
+No commercials
+Every episode of every show
+Always clear, not fuzzy
+Any show you want, not just selectively put on
+Netflix app
+/–DVDs & Blu-Ray for $2 more a month, broader selection of movies and TV
+ Starz Play– live streaming of Starz channel and access to more movies
+ Can cancel free trial at any time 24 hours a day/month by month no commitment
+ Gift cards and coupons available
+Choice of a limited plan (two movies a month) for $4.99 a month
+You can watch the first 20 minutes of an Instant Viewing movie to decide if you like
it or not before you commit to it
–There may be too many different movies to watch
–Get rotated out so you may watch one, go to watch it again and it will be gone
–/+ Price you pay determined by how many DVDs you want at once, $7.99 price for the unlimited internet movies, not hard copy DVDs


Netflix has more options and full runs of TV shows, with clear quality and DVD availability all for about the same price as Hulu plus, which doesn’t have as many movies and series.

If you really love movies and TV then go with Netflix because for one month alone it is worth the price of only half of one DVD. If you just like watching what you can for free, go with regular Hulu, it doesn’t have everything but it’s more than sitting and staring at a wall. But you can decide for yourself.