Officer Elections


As the seniors prepare to move on, juniors have to step up and take their places. And one of these specific places is in National Honors Society.

Each year, seven officials are elected to lead for the succeeding year: a president, two vice presidents, two secretaries, and two community service officers.

Junior Charlie King-Hagen campaigned against junior Jacob Schnackenberg and lost by just two votes.

The election took place Thursday during the monthly NHS meeting. Every student in attendance was allowed to vote for whom they wanted to win, and the results were tallied and announced the following day.

One of the key elements in many students’ votes was a speech that each candidate or pair of candidates was required to give. Some took it seriously, some told a few jokes, and some offered various forms of change for next year. Many also took the time to thank the current officers and sponsors.

The presidential nominees were Schnackenberg and junior Charlie King-Hagen, and they were the last ones to give speeches. This was one of the most tightly contested of the four positions, and Schnackenberg won.

The other students elected were juniors Becca Schmidt and Anthony Balas as vice presidents, juniors Frida Lara and Erin Miller as secretaries, and juniors Erica Hui and Skylar Mann as community service officers.

Filling the shoes of the seniors, these selected officers will uphold their responsibilities in NHS and continue following the four pillars of success: leadership, scholarship, character, and service along with the rest of the members.