Gallery Gala


“Albert Einstein believes that all people have the artist within and it just requires you to draw freely upon your imagination,” Rosie Riordan, head of the art department, said.

Tonight NAHS [National Art Honors Society] is holding their annual Gallery Gala. Starting at 5:30 and lasting until 8, kids from all schools feeding into West can get their faces painted, make crafts at an art table, or just enjoy the art being displayed.

NAHS also holds a silent auction during the event, sponsored by Panera Bread, who is supplying desserts as well as four pieces for the auction. The auction consists of artwork from all schools in the district, five pieces selected from each school, and area artists and businesses donate items as well. Items that weren’t selected for the auction will hang in the art hallway.

Senior Wendy Gomez, "The Colors of Me", painted in Luan Taylor's art class.

The Gallery Gala raises money for senior scholarships and their vertical team show. Department chairmen from each school in the district get together and decide who did the best senior show and then buy a piece of their artwork, which gives them their scholarship. The auction money is also used to pay guest artists that hold workshops for the AP art students as well as funding the display items for the gallery.

This year is particularly important for the art department to raise money because their funding has recently been cut, which is why they have created senior scholarships. Some of the students involved in art aren’t very fond of governor Sam Brownback and his lack of concern for art programs currently.

“Sam Brownback is trying to cut the Kansas Art Commission funding which is why, this year especially, it is imperative that events like this are successful,” Meagan De Meulmeester, NAHS co-president, said.

NAHS plans for a successful night of art, fun, and fundraising.