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Q&A With Victor Viking


1) What is your favorite sports team?

– The Minnesota Vikings; it’s all in the name. Plus I had a little stint being the mascot up there, although I quickly got fired for having “too much spirit.”

2) What is your favorite food?

–  Fried cougar, it’s absolutely perfect after a victory.

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3) Do you have any hobbies?

– Besides winning I would have to say attending sporting events and pep assemblies.

4) What are your previous jobs?

– Never really been into the whole employment thing besides being with the Minnesota Vikings. Now I just stick to being a mascot.

5) Who would you consider your fiercest rivals?

– Well that’s an easy one, lancers and raiders. No doubt about it.

6) Tell us about your weapons.

– I have a really cool battle-axe and a shield, but I’m technically not allowed to bring that to school. It’s always been a tough rule for me.

7) Now as we go to the classroom, what is your favorite subject?

-Weights; it’s always fun to be the best in the class.

8) Any special talents we should know about that?

– I’m probably the only one you know who can use his horn as a drinking cup.

9) Where exactly did you come from?

– Scandinavia, and it is just as cold as you would think.

10) Why did you come to West?

-It is the only place that had enough school spirit for me.

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Q&A With Victor Viking