Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber shows off his originality and talent as a singer in his documentary “Never Say Never.”

Whether the Biebs is loved or hated, Justin is undeniably the most talked about teenage male singer of his era. Notoriously known for his signature hair flip, angelic voice, millions of girls screaming his name, and Twitter account, Bieber has taken the pop world by storm.

Directed by John Chu (Step-Up 2: The Streets, Step-Up 3D), “Never Say Never” premiered Thursday, February 9 in Los Angeles, California. “Never Say Never” centered around a countdown towards Justin’s highly anticipated My World tour stop at Madison Square Garden. Although concert footage and select parts of his songs were played, experiencing Bieber’s rise to fame through a documentary was the main goal.

Endearing home videos recorded by his mom, Pattie Mallette, gave the viewers a chance to witness his early childhood. Because these videos were then posted on YouTube, manager Scooter Braun soon discovered Bieber in early 2008 and was determined to make him the next big thing.

Brought from Ontario, Canada to Atlanta, Georgia, Pattie and 13-year-old Justin were introduced to future mentor, Usher, and signed a recording contract with Island Records. Taken behind the scenes, his entourage and family were interviewed, dishing out their finest Bieber stories. Guest appearances featured duos in concert with Miley Cyrus (“Overboard”), Sean Kingston (“Eenie Meenie”), Ludacris (“Baby”), and Jaeden Smith (“Never Say Never”).

If I was just a fan before the movie, I could say I became slightly obsessed within minutes of watching the film. Justin’s devotion to absolutely everything revolving around his fans and career was intoxicating. Observing Bieber’s selflessness made me wonder how at such a young age this comical artist could balance time between his needs selfishly and professional duties.

What made me fall in love with this 16-year-old sensation was his pure gift of performing. At the age of 2, Bieber had already mastered the art of drumming. Add to this his skills in dancing, singing, playing the piano and guitar. With his whole life ahead of him, Justin seems nearly unstoppable in proving that he will not cease to remain as just a child prodigy.

Letting his guard down truly gave fans a peek into his real world. Although his occupation is the prevalent part of Bieber’s life, his family remains at the top of his priorities.  Justin takes time off from the road to visit his grandparents, Ken and Mary Mallette, frequently in Stratford Ontario. Onlookers were shown where Bieber’s youth was spent and guided through his favorite spots. Also in the movie, Bieber’s father, Jeremy, at one point broke down during a concert, revealing a touching moment and lack of words for Jeremy to express at his son’s achievements.

One of my favorite parts was during any rendition of the song; “One Less Lonely Girl,” where a lucky girl from the audience would be selected and serenaded by Bieber himself onstage. Justin always appeared to never let his fans forget that they are some of the most important people out there and made him who he is now.

While many of you may be groaning due to my droning on and on of at times the overly hyped up kid; fan or not, anyone should be able to appreciate his accomplishments. Rather than another manufactured Disney star, Bieber worked his way from the bottom to his much-deserved top spot in the industry, which survives on his authentic musical ability. This fame was not hand-given either. Bieber worked with Braun to perform at any radio station that would listen to his first hit, “One Time,” and also in the midst of crowds of up to just 10. Through “trains, planes and automobiles,” anything and everything was done to get Bieber’s music out to the public.

I would recommend this movie to all viewers out there because “Never Say Never” not only helps to better understand his unbelievable journey, but also showcases that genuine talent is still alive today.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars