Teams In Training


Girls soccer has been conditioning for the spring season with head coach Sarah Gonzalez (center) since the beginning of the semester.

While winter sports have barely scratched the surface for the beginning of their respective seasons, spring conditioning is already on the minds of many athletes.

First up was girl’s soccer which commenced a few days before Thanksgiving Break. Committing to Varsity Head Coach Sarah Gonzalez’s workouts is no joke.

“This year I am working more on speed and agility, higher reps, and more explosive sprints,” Gonzalez said.

Apart from attending 24 Hour Fitness on Wednesdays, the rest of the week is held at West from 3:00-4:15.

Workouts can vary but typically follow a warm up, 30 minute running/body weights session and core workout schedule.

“It helps me out a lot because the week of tryouts is basically all about running,” Sophomore Sydney Miramontez said.

Revamping their regimen is baseball under the guidance of JV coach Ryan Buckley. The weight room has been there main focus for making their upcoming tryouts more successful.

“I am trying to emphasize different lifts to be more specific to a baseball player’s needs,” Buckley said.

Monday through Thursday a mixture of lower and upper body exercises are completed. Dynamic stretching is led into 45 minutes in the weight room, cone and speed training and ending with a cool down.

Also stressed upon is creating more of a team atmosphere by getting everyone used to the same workout together.

“The seniors this year are thinking totally differently by creating a better overall chemistry and are trying to mix in more with the other grades,” Senior Troy Arellanes said.

No strangers to the weight room as well this year is track, where Coach Rick Rogers is putting strength build up at the top of his priorities.

“We are training and trying to get in general shape so when the season comes we can have a complete workout without breaking down,” Rogers said.

From 3:00-4:00 the running portion can include hills, sled towing and sprint work. Then 45 minutes working with weights wraps up the daily routine.

“Conditioning helps me to get all the soreness out of the way so that it doesn’t happen during the season,” Senior Chris Eveler said.

Camaraderie has been a major theme for the softball girls as they take on a new and more intense attitude with Varsity Coach Debbi Giudicessi.

“I try to instill confidence, positivity, respect, discipline, and overall well-roundedness,” Giudicessi said.

As of now Monday and Wednesday are dedicated to cardio, Tuesday and Thursday consist of core work and Fridays are off. 24 Hour Fitness gym days are also included to develop more on weight training.

Check in begins at 3:00 (on time is considered tardy) then making the weather determine where the running portion will be held.

“We work our arms and lower body to make us grow stronger,” Junior Haley Sedlacek said.

After weeks of preparation prospective players will try out sometime between the last week of February and the first week of March.