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In Her Shoes: Emeri Eaton


Junior Emeri Eaton never had a chance. She never had the opportunity to escape music. Raised by performers and introduced to music at an early age, it is practically in her DNA. In the Eaton household, performing is simply a way of life.

“I’ve been interested in music my whole life, my parents are musicians and both my sister and my brother play instruments and sing,” Eaton said.

It came as no surprise when three-year-old Emeri took her first step onto a stage. After that first note, a love for music flourished in Eaton. With a leading role in Footloose as a freshman, Rock 4 Hope, two tours with Highest Praise, her own band named “Melrose,” and a stint at Carnegie Hall under her belt, Eaton has an impressive resume in the works.

“Music in general has always been my greatest outlet. It allows me to express any feeling and be as creative as I can be,” Eaton said.

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But if asked what her greatest passion is, Eaton would not answer music. Eaton would reply with a swift “God.”

“I have a passion for God. He’s absolutely everything to me. If there was one thing I could do, I would want every single person to know how deeply God loves them, that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done- his grace is enough,” Eaton said.

Eaton is heavily involved with her church: Sundays mean early mornings preparing for the worship service and small group, Wednesdays mean leading the youth group band, and everyday is a chance to demonstrate her faith.

“I think people get too caught up in “religion” and the hypocrisy and views of the church but really it’s not about people at all- it’s all about God,” Eaton said.

Eaton is uncertain on her future plans, but has put her faith in God. Perhaps she will pursue a career in music. Maybe she will follow in her sister’s steps, and be a missionary in Japan.

“I know I will always be completely in love with music,” Eaton said. “I know that God gave me the love for a reason and He has a plan, so I’m content on waiting for Him to show me what that is.”

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In Her Shoes: Emeri Eaton