Powderpuff Pummelling


Anticipation was high on December 5 as junior and senior girls prepared to battle it out in the annual power puff game. Electric Park was filled with anxious players, coaches and spectators ready to watch the showdown on Sunday.

Never ending renditions of “11!” pumped up the onlookers- bundled up due to the shockingly chilly weather  -who were surprised to see the lack of juniors willing to represent their class. Having had two to three times as many players, the senior girls were restless to commence the competition, mocking, and aggression.

Junior Sarah Hockla stepped up to organize her fellow classmates for the upcoming battle.

“I had to talk to everyone and get their t-shirt sizes and money, find coaches and plan practices” Hockla said.

A royal purple and black t-shirt design with the quote, “you wish you were one two” significantly clashed against the bright orange senior tees with the infamous “11” hand sign the class has been known for.

Jamie Eschrich led the confident seniors who prepared for an effortless victory.

“I had to find out how many people were playing, what the t-shirt saying would be, and compare the game overall to last year’s to see what could be done,” Eschrich said.

Among the crowd was a noticeable amount of senior boys with none other than a never-ending supply of egg cartons all set to pelt the newbies with. The boys drastically made it rain which then caused the senior girls to shriek at the scrambling underclassmen trying to avoid getting hit at all costs.

“The eggs were breaking at first, but then they stopped after it got really cold towards the end of the game,” senior coach and referee Derrian Henderson said.

Once the game was finally underway, the upperclassmen did not disappoint in proving which class was the best. While the juniors lacked apparent overall skill and organization, the seniors were able to easily score every chance they had at offense. Although the first timers never made it into the opposite end zone, the second year returners scored back-to-back touchdowns through multiple hand off running plays and turnovers.

“I knew the seniors would win and I wasn’t surprised that few juniors showed up because I figured they would chicken out,” junior quarterback Cherys Eland said.

Overall, Henderson and senior referee Robb Rooks appeared to have called a fair game. No momentous fights erupted over their opinion of ruling.

“It was a difficult and strenuous job. I got hit by the junior girls twice,” Rooks said.

Lasting approximately an hour, personal vendettas between the opposing teams did not go unnoticed. Punching, slapping, over-excessive tackling and exchange of words were often displayed throughout the game.

“The senior girls were really violent, but we could take it because we were pumped up even more, giving us more energy to fight back even though we really didn’t expect to win,” junior Ashton Wilkon said.

With a final score of 35-0, the seniors came out triumphant over the seemingly easily defeatable juniors. Despite the fact that representation lacked, the spirit of powder puff was continued on with hope that next year could bring a more exhilarating event.

“11 made a good comeback from last year,” senior Kayla Grodzicki said.