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Rumble In The Jungle


Homecoming week is full of traditions, including each class decorating a certain hallway according to school spirit, or this year’s theme: Jam in the Jungle. On September 26, the student council executive board, class officers, and student representatives gathered for a three hour work session to prepare their given hallway.

Freshmen had the opportunity to make a name for themselves when given the task to decorate the 126-132 (English) hallway. After choosing the Homecoming Jam in the Jungle theme, President Jonathan Shipp took charge. Shipp gathered his freshman officers to buy supplies, which included posters, streamers, balloons and window markers to make their jungle hallway come alive.

“Through our hard work and dedication, we are most definitely going to win,” Shipp said.

Sophomores appeared just as coordinated under the leadership of President Brett Neely. The sophomore class officers quickly came up with creative ideas for decorating the 105-111 (math) hallway and gave Neely the motivation for defeating the other classes.

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“We used signs and vines for a mystical yet magical effect. With our long, hard work and creative yet adventurous teamwork, yeah we’ll win,” Neely said.

Juniors, who were looking for their second consecutive victory this year, were guided by President Molly Norburg. Known for their organized design plan, the juniors used balloons and signs to transform the 122-126 (science) hallway into the jungle theme. Part of Norburg’s duties included relaying all the information to the junior officers, along with providing the supplies.

“An organized design plan and teamwork will of course bring home the win for us,” Norburg said.

Seniors were chosen to decorate underneath Times Square. Their bright neon green “Seniors 11” poster added to the Viking theme and definitely made the seniors stand out. President Kaitlin Beeman purchased the needed supplies of streamers and balloons, and then got a hold of her officers to confirm if they would be available to work.

“We probably won’t win because the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes will work hours upon hours to win. But because we are seniors, we might win,” Beeman said.

Executive Board President Michael Garrett organized the StuCo phone list which was then given to the class presidents.  Garrett was in charge of making sure of everything came together smoothly by explaining the budget availability, time frame, and where each class would decorate. The executive board was also to decorate the bridge.

“We used black and gold criss-crossing streamers as well as balloons and rally signs for the upcoming game this Friday,” Garrett said.

With every competition, an esteemed panel of judges must decide on the winner. Among the three judges picked were teachers and adults, who will forever remain anonymous. After a deliberation on Monday September 27, an announcement was made during the Thursday Homecoming parade pep rally to proclaim the juniors victorious. As their prize, junior StuCo members will each receive a $5 gift card to Sonic. With back to back wins, the juniors will become a major threat to defeat next year.

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