Local Restaurants

Get a look at some of Kansas City’s best local restaurants

Zach Perez, Writer

Town Topic:

Similar to its original location that opened in 1937, the Town Topic in Mission, is a small, charming diner where you can grab a quick bite to eat. Though the location itself is somewhat smaller than most, the inviting atmosphere is still the same. A simple but lengthy menu encompasses all three meals. Their breakfast menu has multiple options ranging from a simple, single egg plate to large layered breakfast sandwiches. Their lunch and dinner menu mainly focuses on basic labeling but let’s you add on ingredients to your burgers, sandwiches and chili as you wish. A small dessert menu can also satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Prices for most meals are on the lower side (starting between $2-5) but rise in price as you add ingredients or sides to the meal. If you looking for the perfect place for a small get-together or a quiet date, this quaint diner with great food has got you covered.


Yos’ Donuts:

Tucked away between Bar West and Chen’s Kitchens sits a small shop labeled only by large white letters spelling “DONUTS”. This is Yos’ Donuts, a very small donut shop owned by the Yos family. Open from 5:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. every day of the week, Yos’ Donuts has been bringing its amazing donuts to the residents of Lenexa for years. This shop offers several different types of donuts, pretty much if you’re craving a certain kind of donut Yos’ has it. Donuts are not the only thing they’re well known for, Yos is also famous for their breakfast burritos. A simple and very inexpensive menu (one large donut cost $0.97) makes it easy to get what you want at a low price. The friendly and welcoming personalities of Matthew and Sokha Yos make it place where you can not only grab breakfast, but also engage in some friendly conversation as while. Yos’ Donuts is a place that you’ll come for the food and stay for the great service.


The Holy Land Cafe:

Bringing the amazing food of the Middle East and Mediterranean to Kansas, The Holy Land Cafe is a relaxing, family oriented, family-owned cafe.The cafe boasts a menu filled with several variations on Shawarmah, multiple different types of Gyros, dinner plates that can feed anywhere from one to eight people, many soup and salad options, and desserts. The menu also offers some vegetarian options for those looking for something less meaty. Prices are relatively small, with most main dishes costing between $5-7. The cafe offers walk-in food pick up services and will host and cater events ranging from large parties to small meetings. Though the flavors and smells may be a culture shock for your senses at first, The Holy Land Cafe’s delicious food and friendly atmosphere make it a place you’ll be revisiting often.


The Waffler Food Truck:

Are you a fan of waffles? Are you a fan of chicken? Are you a fan of when these food come together? If you said yes to any of these questions then you should definitely give The Waffler food truck a try. Opened by Russell Viers (aka The Waffler) this waffle themed food truck has been going around Kansas City serving delicious food to all who come to visit it. The location of the truck can be found on the The Waffler’s Facebook page at anytime. The Waffler has an interesting take on Chicken & Waffles, serving their version of a popular Belgian waffle with excellently breaded chicken in cup partially filled with cup rather than on a plate. The also offer a tasty Waffle pudding as a dessert. With very energetic serve and a small but amazing selection on it’s menu, The Waffler is a great place to try for those looking for something new.