The Somewhat Amazing Spider Man


Over this past weekend, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” came out, the second installment of the recent Spider-Man reboot. Walking into the theater, I was expecting another generic, formalized super hero movie. Unfortunately, I was correct. The entire movie is pretty much what you’d expect, and the extreme predictability began to get tiresome through the two and a half hour movie. There is a pretty significant shocker at the end, but it fails to redeem the entire production.

Although Jamie Foxx, who becomes the villain, begins with some interesting character development, he slowly becomes more predictable and cheesy throughout the movie. He is, all told, a somewhat unsuccessful and bland antagonist. Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, has his moments of impressive acting. His extreme swings from complete cockiness to wallowing depression, however, are hard to keep track of and tiring.

The entire movie is drizzled with cheesy lines, each having varying levels of cheese. Some are actually quite comical, but most just made me downright uncomfortable. This is definitely a movie for younger audiences, and I’m sure young Spider-Man fans everywhere will be thrilled by it. However, trying to see it as anything other than another super hero movie to add to the horde is impossible. Just enjoy it for what it is and settle in for some sweet Spidey action.