“Warm Bodies” Review


Warm Bodies


During the weekend, I watched the new horror/romantic comedy called “Warm Bodies”. As a person who does not enjoy the average romantic movie, I was a somewhat unsure of how much I would like it. To be honest, to this very moment, I am still slightly hesitant to declare whether I liked it or not, as it was different from any movie I have ever seen.

The movie follows a rather discontent zombie named R, who, along with several other zombies, inhabits a post-apocalyptic airport. Through a voice-over of what R is thinking, we have a window into the surprisingly clever and witty mind of a zombie. One day, when R is on a hunt for food with some of his “friends,” he sees a pretty survivor, and immediately falls in love with her. This starts a chain reaction of survivors seeing the dead in a different light, and the dead beginning to feel just a little bit more human.

“Warm Bodies” was a very quirky and peculiar movie, but it had its strong points. The idea of having a zombie protagonist in itself increased the appeal of the movie a great deal. The movie shows us that although a little scary, zombies are, when you get right down to it, very misunderstood. This parallels to the age-old saying, “do not judge a book by its cover.” However, after you get used to listening in on a dead person’s thoughts, the movie starts to lose its initial luster. As the movie reaches its end, it becomes very predictable, a little cheesy, and just a tad boring.

Obviously not everyone agreed with me. “Warm Bodies” made over $20 million during its opening weekend. Also, as a guy, I may be slightly biased because only 40% of viewers this weekend were males. This shows that the movie was meant for a more female audience. It got moderate reviews on popular internet review sites with a 7.4 on imdb.com, a 78% on rottentomatoes.com, and an 83% on Flixster.com.

This movie emanates creativity for another reason that should excite any Shakespearean enthusiast. The entire movie is a dark spin on Romeo and Juliet. From major plot details all the way down to similar character names, “Warm Bodies” clearly mirror’s this famous play. I didn’t realize this until after the movie was over, but when I did, I thought back on the movie a little bit more fondly.

As I have said before,I have never been a fan of romantic comedies, so I may be just a little biased. Nevertheless, my overall impression of “Warm Bodies” was that although it was based on a very clever and original idea, it lacked some certain quality that made it a truly enjoyable movie.
two half stars