Movie Review: ParaNorman


“ParaNorman” curtsey of Focus Features.

A kid who sees dead people? Is it “The Sixth Sense” animated? Well, believe it or not, its isn’t. “ParaNorman” is a very Tim Burton-esc movie but directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler.

“ParaNorman” curtsey of Focus Features.

It’s an overall cute family movie revolving around a boy named Norman who has the ability to see dead people. I say family almost loosely because there are some parts in this movie where i jumped.  It has its dark parts and I almost half expected them to break out in song during the movie.

Unfortunately Norman is the only one who can see these ghost and talk to him. He is constantly made fun of for his gift that no one believe he has. I mean he doesn’t do himself any favors when he randomly starts talking to ghost no one can see in front of people.

He later gets a visit from his creepy uncle who in turn can actually see and communicate with ghost as well. He tells Norman that he has to read a book to the witches ghost before her curse raises the dead to walk the earth, and thus begins the main focus of the movie.

The visuals in this movie were incredible. The CG and stop motion combined almost as perfect as peanut butter and jelly. In some spots I almost thought I was watching someone play a video game.

They centered heavily around the theme of we as humans tend to get rid of what we fear without knowing much about the subject. Its in abundance when the main plot starts to reach the climax.

With all this mixed into a pot of comedy/ minor horror, I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend any one to go see this especially any Tim Burton fans.

Rating: 7/10