Shawnee Mission West Blood Drive
Hannah Figgins – Tyler Shuck

The Shawnee Mission West blood drive, sponsored by the Community Blood Center, took place on Wednesday, November 7th. The blood is used for future transplants and anyone who may need extra, healthy blood. Students and Staff had to sign up in advance to participate in the annual blood drive and would only be approved to give blood after passing several tests the day of the drive. Throughout the day, students were lined up outside the auxiliary gym, anxiously waiting for their turn, mostly to get it over with.

Kathryn Martin, STUCO member, said, “Our school’s goal was to have donated at least 160 pints by the end of the day. Our turnout was a little under 300 participants.”

We asked a few students how they were feeling on their way to donating.

Shaianne Jefferson said, “I’m so nervous!” This was her first time giving blood.

Amy Hess said, “I decided to donate blood because I thought it would be good to help people, save a life.” This year was also her first time donating blood.

The first step to donating is filling out a form. A nurse would then review your answers to make sure they are what the blood drive requires. Blood pressure is tested, your temperature is taken, and your iron level is acquired with a finger prick.

Once you have been given the “okay” you are brought to a medical bed, where a nurse preps you for the following minutes.

To recover, everyone was brought to the snack table to be fed and hydrated. Oreos, Nutter-Butters, Pretzels, Fanta, Water and Coke were some of the options for donators to regain their strength.

When asked how he was feeling, Andy Kinkelaar said, “Wonderful. I’m very thrilled that I saved a life.” Kinkelaar said it did not hurt.

Overall, Shawnee Mission West’s blood drive was exceedingly successful, even the few that unfortunately fainted. They fainted for a great cause.