Vikings of the Week

Top left: Jared Sandoy Top right: Nate Punzo Bottom left: Jesse Jones Bottom right: Logan Leodler

Jesse Jones


“I have five brothers and one sister. It’s hard being the middle child and the second shortest in the family. It’s hard to get new stuff, because I always get hand-me-downs. I would never have that many kids. It’s a lot more fun now because my siblings are old enough that I can mess around with them.”

Jared Sandoy

“I am really into history and I was one of the few people who didn’t fail the first test in AP euro so that was pretty awesome. When I graduate, I want to go to Westpoint in New York to become an officer in the US Army. It is what my dad did and I like being physical and being in charge of people. It’s just like any other college but it is much more strict and you don’t really get to choose your classes. ”

Nate Punzo

“I like video games. They are a good way to spend free time. I want to be a game designer in the future. I want to one day be a part of making something that I love. Video games have been like a friend to me. I play by myself, with my friends, both.”

Logan Leodler

“I work for Lander’s Visions, a production company. We produce sound and lighting for different events, like weddings. I’ve worked there for the past five years. It’s not exciting but I’m friends with the people I work with and I make money.”