Advice for Finals

An “Epic staffer gives his advice for success for finals.

Seth Pillips, Writer

Finals are approaching and coming up even faster for seniors. Most students have trouble with getting ready for finals, and some underclassmen need to know helpful ways to make it past finals.

First off, you do not need to study hard for each final. Please don’t be the person that studies for weeks upon weeks for a FACS class or a physical education class. Use a finals grade calculator to learn what you need to get on each final. On the finals where you need a low score don’t study as much. Prioritize.

Secondly, use your teachers and classroom time to study. Usually teachers will hand out study guides and will give students time in class to accomplish the study guide. Use your teacher and ask for help on the harder subject matter, that is why they are there.

When studying use a strategy that works for you. Make songs, write down material, use a website like Quizlet. Anything that will help you achieve a better finals grade. Listen to music while studying, simply do anything that will help you focus and learn material.

Never wait till the night before to study. Start studying at least a week in advance of a class final. You do not have to study by yourself either. Use family members for help, they do not have to know the material but you can use them to help quiz you. Or make a study group, go out somewhere to study. Studying does not need to be boring.

Do not stress out. Finals are a big deal, but no need to cry the night before. As long as you feel ready and are ready to accept the consequences of a final there is no need to stress.

Good luck on finals SMW