The Golden Globes in Black


Kim Truong, Writer

The Golden Globes this year was unique from past years because of the many movements like #TIMESUP, and #WhyWeWearBlack that influenced celebrities fashion.

The #TiMESUP movement is fighting to stop “sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the workplace.” It began with hundreds of female directors, producers, writers, and actresses uniting to voice out these problems in an attempt to improve the workplace. Although this movement has no leader, these women such as Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, and Ashley Judd have created one clear voice for change. Many actors like Ryan Seacrest, Nick Jonas, and Justin Timberlake showed their support by flashing their own Time’s Up pins on their collars at the Golden Globes.

#WhyWeWearBlack is a movement of solidarity. This movement is similar to #TIMESUP in that it also asks for quality, respect and change. Many A-listers such as Kerry Washington and Amy Schumer used this hashtag on their posts during the Golden Globes. It’s an initiative to spark a change in all industries to stop sexual assault and harassment.

#TIMESUP and #WhyWeWearBlack are all movements that condemn sexual assault and harassment, gender inequality, and unequal pay. These movements influenced most of the celebrities attending the Golden Globes to voice their own responses on these topics by wearing black. Actors and actresses from Emma Stone to Mark Ruffalo wore black to symbolize the silenced voices of those who have felt harassed or oppressed.

These movements have been pushing people to donate to their fund that will give support to victims of sexual harassment. More than $16 million has been raised so far