Recap of Writers Walk 2017


Karla Ochoa

Alex Tyler & Zoe Krowas reading their duet piece at Writers Walk

Jade Tonjes, Writer

With fall comes poetry under the “Poet-Tree.” Writers Walk 2017, after being canceled on two different occasions because of weather, finally took place Friday October 20th, 2017. Writers Walk is the writers workshop class sponsored event that happens every fall in the courtyard near the bridge. There were student quotes from their own pieces written all over the sidewalks, with security close by so that nobody stepped on their words. On the windows of the school were poster-boards filled with quotes from many different poets and writers. This year there were a few new stations for students to attend while at Writers Walk. One of the new stations, Friendship Bracelets, was constantly busy with students wanting a bracelet to swap with a friend; based on it’s popularity it will most likely return in future years. Returning stations such as Burning Secrets, Poetry under the “Poet-Tree,” Face-painting, Photo Booth and Poet’s Corner remained the favorites of most students. Although Writers Walk was a one day event, those students in the class had been coming up with new stations, designing those stations, writing pieces and finding quotes since school started in August. With such a large group of students in the classes along with the positive response from this year, Writers Walk will continue to be one of the main fall events that happen at West.