“Just fweet about it”

Caleb Walker

A theme has now immersed itself into the metropolitan area among teenagers: fake social media accounts.  What was first viewed as a place to tell everyone exactly what you were doing and what dress you wore to prom is now clogged with superficial profile pages.  Don’t get me wrong, people aren’t super fake, but motivation held by most for tweeting or posting is now the anticipated amounts of likes or retweets, not because they want share.  We can all agree that breaking records for likes creates some sort of fuzzy feeling in our stomachs, but a small niche in the social media world is beginning to grow with one core idea in mind: sincerity.

The idea behind social media’s creation was the ability to share opinions, ideas, and experiences with your close friends and relatives.  As time has gone on, people became self-absorbed in popularity, craving new followers and more likes.  The fake social media realm is simply recreating the original idea behind mass-media sharing.  Essentially, fake accounts are being utilized to decrease the size of the pool of people they share with.  All bets are off and people share exactly how they feel with the small amount of people whom they see fit to be honored with seeing the real them.

I can remember the days of heated political, social, and athletic arguments finding Twitter feeds as their preferred battlegrounds.  Jabs back and forth over this and that set a scene that could only be perfected by a bowl of popcorn.  Two strong-minded people fought it out as the rest of the world watched.  But in today’s world, political correctness is held in the highest regard and the fear of offending a person or group overrides the desire to express one’s opinion.

Not originally my idea, but calling these alternate accounts “fake accounts” continues to confuse me.  It is an oxymoron to refer to a place where people for once seem to be real as “fake”.  The fake Twitter and Instagram worlds are the place to go to truly see how people are feeling.

So listen here, before complaining about the influx of fake accounts in the wild world of social media, just know that they are simply seeking out the original intention of internet profiles.