Spirit Week

Ellie Knobel

In honor of our upcoming WPA dance, next week will be spirit week. Each day of the week has a designated theme that students are encouraged to participate in to show some school spirit. Let’s review our themes.

Monday: Pajama Day

Pretty self explanatory. Get away with wearing your favorite PJs to school.

Tuesday: Stop Light day

For stop light day, you’re meant to wear the color that represents your relationship status.

Green – Single

Yellow – Talking to someone

Red – In a relationship

All colors – It’s complicated

Wednesday: Tie Dye

Rock tie dye head to toe!

Thursday: Fandom Day

Fandom day is dedicated to repping the things you’re a die hard fan for, whether that be a sports team, band, movie, tv series, etc. Show everybody what you love!

Even if you’re not planning on going to WPA, everybody should participate! Spirit week is a fun way to show some love for SMW. And really, it’s the one time you can come to school in your pajamas. How could you pass up on that? If you are planning on attending the dance, tickets will be sold on the bridge throughout next week. $15 for a single ticket, $25 for couples. I hope to see everybody decked out in the themes next week!