Viking Inspiration #4

Ethan Brewer, Reporter


I had the chance to ask Junior, Katherine Allison a few questions about who inspires her.


Ethan Brewer: Who inspires you?

Katherine Allison: Kelly Gill!

EB: Why?

KA: She always has a positive attitude and supports you no matter how dumb you look.

EB: What would be your favorite memory with Mrs. Gill?

KA: When she picked me to be pep club officer.


I had the chance to ask Freshman, Rachel Blakley who inspires her.


Ethan Brewer: “Who inspires you the most?”

Rachel Blakely: “My mom inspires me the most.”

EB: “What is it about your mom that inspires you?”

RB: “She is smart and kind. She is a teacher so she inspires me to do well in school.”

EB:”What is your favorite memory with her?”

RB: “We were driving around trying to find some place and I was the navigator so I got us lost for over and hour.”