Fall Sports Preview

Fall Athlete Profiles


1) When do you practice?

2) What is your favorite pump up song?

3) What is your favorite pre-game meal?

4) What was your hardest practice?

5) Do you have any superstitions? If so what are they?




Jack Arndt

1) Everyday after school and also on Saturdays

2) Any Queen song

3) Red Barron breakfast pizza

4) First C team practice w/ Coach Moles, ran 2 miles before practice and then the rest of practice they ran the track

5) He doesn’t put his jersey on until right before warm ups



Elena Nanneman

1) Everyday

2) “Yeah” by Usher

3) Chocolate and banana protein shake

4) Practices aren’t that hard, however she doesn’t enjoy walking everywhere

5) She has to look good



Ariana Coker

1) Mondays and Wednesdays after school

2) The pep talk pumps her up

3) Pasta

4) Last year the team ran suicides (up to ¼ of the court and back, ½ up and back, ¾ up and back, then the full court up and back) for each person who wore jewelry or incorrect clothing to practice

5)She has to tie her right shoe (stepping foot) right before starting the routine



Caroline Miller

1) Everyday after school from 3:15-5:30

2) No particular song but she will play a playlist on Pandora that will pump her up

3) Subway as a team

4) Last year the practice before state was a lot of pressure

5) No superstitions



Cross Country:

Michael McCosh

1) Every day after school from 3 to 6, Saturday meets

2) Calms himself with Mo Ghile Mear, which is folk inspirational

3) Half Clif Bar and lots of water

4) Track sprint workouts, thought it would never end

5) None, but as a team, the assistant coach does visualization with running music




Camryn Blanton

1)After school from 3-6 saturday 8-11am

2) “Fergalicious” by Fergie

3) Chipotle

4) Sprinting to touch 18 lines in 50 seconds, practices after games, if whole team missed a serve it equals one minute of stairs

5) No




Josh Compton

1)Right after school 3-5:30 or 6 and Saturdays

2) Doesn’t listen to any specific music

3) Turkey sandwich from Goodcents

4) Tackling drills and sprinting and running lots

5)Same undershirts and socks, do the same tape






Meredith Clark

1)After school from 4:15-6

2)Blasted music in vans to games, High School Musical is her favorite

3)Gatorade and water and parents bring snacks

4)Suicides across all four courts

5)Right before a serve, she bounces the ball to a rhythm in her head