Asking Ideas For Your Homecoming Date by Ramona Mansour

Are you uncreative or bad with thinking of good ideas to ask your date to homecoming? Well, here are some ways to ask in a non-boring way.

1. Get a fortune cookie and open the package carefully. Take your fortune cookie, take the fortune already in it and replace with your self made one saying something like ‘will you go to homecoming with me?” Glue the cookie back together and then put it back in the package. Then, glue the package back together. Take your soon to be date to a Chinese restaurant. When you’re both done eating, give them the fortune cookie to open.

2. Get a t-shirt and write ”homecoming?” in permanent ink. Then, write a bunch of random names on the shirt in washable ink and write yours in permanent. When your date washes the shirt, your name will stay while the others wash off.

3. Buy some balloons and put a note in one of them saying something like ”homecoming with ____?” Make your date pop all the balloons to find the note and to figure out who’s asking them.

4. Write out homecoming in candles or glow sticks on your date’s driveway. At night, get your date to come outside to see the glowing letters with you standing by them.

5. If your school has an event coming up ask them during the event with a sign or through a microphone.

6. Get one of your date’s teachers to pass out a fake pop-quiz with the last question asking “____, will you go to homecoming with ____?” And have the answers A. yes or B. no.

Hopefully these ideas can help you think of way to ask your date. Good luck!