Money Matters

In 2008, the U.S. economy took a hard punch, obviously. Lately though, it’s been improving but will that last? Some people don’t believe that the rising economy will stick around.

A large part of the economy is the housing market. Recently the housing market has been improving from how it has been the past four years. Stocks have also been on the rise, which is definitely a plus since that pumps money into the market but the stock market fluctuates rapidly. A simple tweet proved this, when somebody falsely tweeted  there were explosions in the White House. The stock market fell for a brief time until the tweet was proven false.

It’s tricky when considering how to save money but also needing to spend money of necessities. Personally, I believe in saving my money as much as possible. Am I good at that? No, but when college comes, I’ll wish I had been. Recently, the freshman seminars have had special visits from people teaching them how to save their money and what to do with it. They have given a lot of valuable information to them on ways to save and how to shop cheap. The freshman seminars were sent into the gym with a small packet with their life situation, number of children, married, and income. Students were responsible for finding childcare, a home, transportation, and insurance. I think this was a great project for the students to do because it helps many recognize just how many expenses there are in life and what are necessary expenses and what expenses are wants and not needs.