Signature Specialties


Throughout the Shawnee Mission District every school has a specialty program.  Shawnee Mission West is home to the Biotechnology Program.
Mrs. Brenda Bott is the instructor of the class. She teaches her students to use laboratory instruments with perfection.  Mrs. Bott’s 13 years of lab experience gives the students a real life perspective on learning.
The program is split into two years.
The first year in the lab you learn conversions, measuring, and how to use various instruments. The technique used for each instrument is very specific and important. In year two students are more independent in the lab, and are responsible for a research project.
Brandon Martinkus, Senior, is a second year transfer student.
“To transfer I had to take the class, but it has had a lot of positive benefits for me,” Martinkus said.
Martinkus wants to major in biology, and pursue a career in the FBI.
The atmosphere in the lab is very close and tight knit, it has the feeling of a family.
Macy Sherwin, Senior, is currently running trials of the effects of cinnamon on bread mold. Sherwin plans on taking her talents to Kansas State University to study food science.
The Biotechnology Program gives students to use laboratory instruments in a real life setting.