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Spring Break Getaways

Ah, spring break. That anticipated time in March or April that gives us a preview of summer. For many, spring break tends to be a week at minimum. Spring break is a big traveling week for most, with people going to many places such as Mexico, and many also going on cruises and family visits.I decided to take a look at some of 2012’s expected hotspots for spring break.

1. Cancun, Mexico
If you’re a senior, for many, Cancun is the traditional destination. Warm weather, the beach, and many activities are provided after a one time fee. Cancun doesn’t just apply as being a “senior trip” hot spot; many families stay at resorts, do activities such as snorkeling, and add to the city’s lively night life. Cancun is a beautiful sight, and many go just to relax underneath its skies.

2. Miami and South Beach, Florida
Florida is one of the few states that has the tropical feeling year round. I guess this could be like a “mini Mexico getaway.” Florida’s hot sun begins in early February, and though the water might still be a little cold, the sand on the beach is warm enough. Florida has a popular night life and a lot of shopping areas as well. It is cheaper to get to Florida than Mexico because it is part of the states, and that as well contributes to its popularity.

3. Orlando, Florida
Found in Orlando are places such as Universal Studios, Sea World, Disney World, and much more. Orlando is popular for family trips and always has plenty for their visitors. Unlike some coastal cities in Florida, Orlando isn’t right off the beach but if one is willing, the drive out to a beach isn’t too far.

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4. Acapulco, Mexico
With its cheap prices, Acapulco attracts many visitors for the same things they would get out of Cancun. It is making a big comeback as a popular college spring break place, being a great spot for younger people. Acapulco has many night clubs and a calm daytime, perfect for its beaches. Again, it consists majorly of the attractions that Cancun prospers from, but at a student affordable price. For family trips, Acapulco has a great 18th century Spanish museum where they hold a number of festivals and a great touring company to show visitors around.

5. Panama City Beach, Florida
Can’t get enough of Florida, can you? Coming in at number five for the hot spring break spots is Panama City Beach. It’s another popular spot for “younger” travelers, with a night life made for younger and college aged students, and white sandy beaches. Panama City has air boat attractions, dolphin encounters and much more for family visits.

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