A Record Breaking Throw


On April 21 Lizzy Jeronimus set yet another record for the school. She threw a discus 133 feet and 10 inches at Shawnee Mission South’s district meet.

“It feels good to know I’ve thrown the farthest at West. It’s nice to be able to compete against some good competition.”

Coach Lonergan assists the discus throwers during practice and helps them prepare for the upcoming meets. According to Jeronimus he has helped tremendously taking part in helping her reach this goal.

Besides track Jeronimus has also set a record in another sport, girls basketball. Jeronimus holds the school record for most points in a high school career, but that wasn’t all Jeronimus was shooting for.

“I didn’t think I would break it, but I was very surprised when I did and it feels great.”

Although a lot of competitors were at the KU Relays held in Lawrence, that didn’t stop Jeronimus from competing and trying her best.

“I realize I may not be the best and I know some of the better throwers were gone but it’s still a school record and I’m very proud of it.”

Jeronimus is looking forward to the rest of the season and will keep working hard to stay in shape as she prepares to be a part of the Pitt State women’s basketball team.