Writer’s Workshop through the eyes of a non-writer

When I first signed up for Writer’s Workshop, I was pretty hesitant. I was scared about being thrown into a class where I didn’t know anyone and thought I would have to write awful poems I would surely be embarrassed about. I made the decision to sign up after having Mr. Carter for AP Junior English, but as the new year started, I considered dropping the class. On the first day of second semester, I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I walked into the little theater for my fourth hour Writer’s Workshop class with Mrs. Flurry.

Being halfway through the semester, I cringe every time I think about how I even considered dropping the class. I’m not much of a writer, but it’s easily become my favorite class. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more supportive, trusting, and sharing environment than that class, despite not knowing anyone in there too well. If you’ve ever talked to anyone who’s taken the class, chances are, you’ve heard the same things over and over. So let me explain:

Writer’s Workshop centers around a few main activities. Every week, about a half an hour is spent free writing- no required topics, just whatever comes to mind. Later in the week, free writes are read to the class (or “bathed”). Every few weeks, a guided writing is assigned, where the writer must create a more structured writing with a required prompt.

I was surprised at the topics explored in my class through these writings. It instantly became a trusting and free environment where anything could be said without judgement.  Everyone seemed so willing to share their thoughts without hesitation, something I had never experienced with any other class I’ve ever taken. The class was supportive and welcoming- any pre-notation I’d had about any of my classmates seemed to fade away fast.

I can’t express how much I regret not taking this class before the second semester of my senior year. The strong sense of community that comes from taking a Writer’s Workshop class lives up to everything I’ve ever heard about the class before now. Whether you’re an avid poet with a lot of experience or someone who’s never written anything personal in their life, chances are you’re going to gain a lot from taking this class. So to all the underclassmen out there with hesitations similar to mine- sign up for the class. I promise it’ll be worth it.