To make you think.


Photo taken by The Phytophactor on
Photo taken by The Phytophactor on

Well, we all just came back from an amazing spring break. Everyone probably saw beautiful places and nature at its finest. This poem is a sad one in its context about nature and what is happening due to mankind and our growing greed of land. I  hope that this will make you think about nature and how it should be and what you can do to protect the earth and the environment as a whole.

Nothing More…

I open my eyes to see the sunshine

Flickering between each green leaf.

Stretching these little feet of mine,

Warming myself for the new day ahead.

The birds singing,

Creatures swinging from branch to branch

As if floating in air.

That one moment of bliss,

That peaceful moment suddenly interrupted.

Roar of man erupting in the distance,

Sunshine to darkness in an instant

Like lightning to earth.

That sudden jolt of gears in drive,

Find shelter quick.

Hopping into a whole

Barley big enough for little old me.

Not a split second later

The deathly sound of silence

Overtook the little patch on green on the map.

Dust particles gleaming in the sun,

Settling on what once was

Where beautiful saplings and elders once stood.

Nothing more…