Was Victor Frankenstein Gay?

Mich, writer

April 20, 2018

Victor Frankenstein is one of the first famous gay protagonist in modern literature. Victor created the creature because he wanted to get rid of his homoerotic desires. Did the creature help subdue Frankenstein’s homo erotic de...

Vaccinate Your Kids, Please

Michaela Tarwater, writer

April 12, 2018

Who spreads the influenza the most? Children. Over 36,000 people die each year of the influenza in the U.S (Harvard Health). Around 200,000 people are hospitalized each year in the U.S. because of the influenza (Harvard Healt...

Whats Causing a Big Red Flag?

Michaela Tarwater, Writer

October 30, 2017

Flag Etiquette How much does the American public know about the history of the flag and/or proper flag etiquette? Most would agree, that the average American does not know enough about proper flag etiquette, or Flag Code. The f...

American Horror Story: A Review of the Past and the Present

Michaela Tarwater, Writer

September 22, 2017

Every season of American Horror Story has a different theme, different actors, and a different opening sequence. There have been 7 season so far, but they have been renewed for the eighth and ninth seasons as well. This season, A...

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